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We are known for helping our clients realize that they and their families will be okay no matter what.

Our vision begins with belief. We believe you deserve more – more from the financial services industry, more from your advisor and more from your retirement plan. We believe you deserve better. You deserve the courage to live your ideal life.

We invite you to join us in a relationship that can change your life. You don’t come here to simply become a client… you come here for the leadership, experience, and belief that leads to the freedom to enjoy the life you sacrificed for. For something you can’t get anywhere else: The Virtus Effect.

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Do More. Worry Less

Our three-step proprietary process is designed to help you do more living and less worrying.

Step 1: Reality

We’ll take inventory of where you are today, where you’ve been and what matters most.

Step 2: Possibilities

Next, we’ll talk about what’s possible, focusing on everything you can do rather than everything you can’t.

Step 3: Freedom

Now it’s time to implement the plan and make possible real.

The Virtus Effect™

Our Process:

The Virtue Effect™ process uses five key areas of retirement planning to provide clear and easy-to-understand strategies that help you realize what’s possible—and make the possible real.

Learn more about the five pillars covered in our comprehensive retirement plan: income, investments, taxes, legacy, and health care.


We evaluate your current income situation and help ensure your expenses can be paid month to month with reliability and predictability. We also consider other components that are critical for your income plan, including Social Security, pension options, inflation and decisions, premature death of a spouse.


We create portfolios that are customized to your overall financial goals, risk tolerance and risk capacity. As an independent Registered Investment Advisor, we are not tied in with a large “wire house” institution, which means we can offer a universe of funds and equities to create cost-efficient portfolios.


The main goal of our tax planning approach is to generate more tax diversification. We assess your current tax liability and develop strategies to minimize the taxes you pay during your retirement as well as when passing on your wealth to the next generation. With an in-house CPA, we have your back.


By working collaboratively with estate planning attorneys, we can help maximize the amount that your loved ones will inherit, help control how the money is distributed and minimize the taxes that are paid.

Health Care

Understanding the health care system can be overwhelming. Whether you are trying to retire before Medicare, are already eligible for Medicare, or are concerned about the high costs of  long-term care, we take the time to ensure that you know your options and create a plan that matches your health and budget.

Meet Virtus Financial Group

Our team at Virtus Financial Group uses more than 40 years of experience to help empower our clients through each step of their financial journey. At Virtus, we believe you deserve more: more from the financial industry, more from your advisor, and more from your plan. You deserve to reap the benefits from your hard work and for the sacrifices you have committed to for decades.

Using our The Virtue Effect™ planning process, our goal is to make sure you are going to be okay no matter what. Together, we will implement a plan that gives you the courage to truly live your life.

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